Becoming a Member



The Food Basket program participants simply buy a $5 annual membership to join WECAN. Memberships run annually from April to March.   Members can join at any time but just bear in mind that at the end of March for example you became a member of WECAN in May, 2018 then  March, 20219 you will be asked to pay for your membership for the current year. There are no forms to fill out but  Members  must prepay for their food orders at the start of the month to stretch their food budget to the end of the month. Most months, the first Friday of every month is the deadline for payment for an order. Pick up dates are most often the third Thursday or Friday of the month. Some depots operate a Thursday delivery and some Friday but no depot operates both days. Occasionally statutory holidays move the payment and pick up dates a week later. We provide a yearly calendar with these important dates to all our members for this reason. We offer three kinds of orders: a fresh meat order for $15, a fresh produce order for $10 and a complete meat and produce order for $25. A meat order contains 2 -3 cuts of fresh meat, and a produce order consists of 3 seasonal fruits and 3 seasonal vegetables. Because WECAN purchases from a wholesale store, The Grocery People, our costs are generally significantly lower than most other grocery outlets charging retail prices.  There are no forms to fill out, all that is required for becoming a member is taking your payment to a location that is close to where you live or work.


MEAT 2 – 3 types of freshly frozen

.5 Kg Lean Ground Beef

.7  Kg Chicken Thighs

.5 Kg.  Pork Tenderloin

.9 Kg -1 Kg. Bananas.5 Kg. Apples.5Kg  Oranges

2 lb. Bag of Carrots

1 Bunch of Celery

5 lb. Bag of Potatoes


After collecting the orders from the depot coordinators, our program manager and volunteer food buying committee work with our supplier TGP, to create a balanced food basket to meet the nutritional needs of our members. The WECAN Food Basket does not replace grocery shopping. The Food Basket helps families and individuals get fresh food at a discount price and the items selected each month are staples of a healthy diet and an affordable price. To keep costs down, volunteer drivers pick up the groceries at the wholesaler and deliver them to our depots. Once there, volunteers weigh, sort and package the meat, fruit and vegetables for members to pick up. Our depots are like pop up stores existing for several hours on the delivery day. Other than once-a-month on food pick-up day, there is no food on-site at any of our depots. Thus it is crucial that members pick up their orders before closing time. Orders not picked up may be sold to other members or donated to a social service agency. Members can ask friends or other family members to pick up their orders but need to inform their depot coordinators, Members sign for their orders to acknowledge the receipt of their food.

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