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How it Works

Members place orders online or at one of our community locations before the order deadline at the beginning of each month (see calendar for dates). Then, on the third week of the month members visit the pop-up depot they selected to pickup their order (see locations for depots and pickup times).

How to Join

Membership in WECAN Food Basket Society is only $5 a year. You can register at a depot, our main office, or directly on our website by going here


We only accept cash payments in-person at depots. We accept credit, debit and PayPal for orders made online. You can also pay in cash by pre-arranging a visit to our main office (Jerry Forbes Centre). Please call (780.413.4525) to arrange payment at the main office.

Food Basket

A membership is $5 annually. As a member you may select between produce, meat and non-pork meat orders. A food basket can contain as few or as many meat and produce orders as your household needs. A meat order is $20 and a produce order is $15.

In-Person Ordering

When placing an order in-person, please insure that you provide your: 1) Name 2) Phone/Email 3) Depot Name 4) Order Details 5) Cash. If you don’t eat pork, please include that with other order details. Some locations receive payment via a secure mailbox. Please enclose complete personal information, order details and cash in an envelope.

What if I can’t pickup my order?

If you know you will be unavailable at the time of pickup, please arrange with someone you know to collect your order. Please call (780.413.4525) or send an email ( with the name of the person, or provide the person with the receipt as proof of purchase when they pickup at the depot.

What if I miss my order pickup?

Depots only operate on their pickup day. There is no food on-site for members outside of regular operations. Think of a depot as a pop-up stall at a farmer’s market. It is very important to learn when your depot operates (see locations and calendar). We have 20+ depots in central Alberta and hope you can find one that is convenient for you or someone who can pickup on your behalf. Orders not collected cannot be refunded.


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