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Together, we can ALL eat!


WECAN Food Basket Society provides families and individuals food security by giving them the opportunity to purchase nutritious food at an affordable price.


We believe every family and individual has the right to enough food to meet the nutritional needs to live a good and healthy life.


  • Provide families and individuals with quality food at reduced prices.
  • Create a network of community-based depots to provide easy access for our members.
  • Operate on the principles of co-operation, participation, and self-management.
  • Reach out to families and individuals to help them to access our program.
  • Ensure that the administrative cost be kept to a minimum by operating through a model of simplicity and efficiency.
  • Promote and support healthy eating by working with communities to increase their capacity to access nutritious, affordable foods.
  • Build social networks and provide opportunities to enhance knowledge of healthy eating habits.
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